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Saturday 20th June 2009 ~ Computers dontcha hate 'em

Sorry for the delay in producing blogs this week. I've been having problems with my AOL browser. Lots of people ask me why I still use AOL as it is more expensive than other options. The main reason is I prefer its email system and overall I've had few problems with it since I first came online in 1998. After several consultations with AOL tech support who couldn't find a solution, I solved the problem myself by downloading Internet Explorer V8 which has somehow fixed AOL !
Bruce and myself saw only one B10M out today, this being 20103 on L12, the out and back turn. Jamie R sent a text to say 'lots of 100s out' which rather puzzled me, turned out he'd seen 20104 on K4, 20106 on L11 and 20103 (L12). This wasn't all either as Y7 turned up with 20115 which has rapidly risen from being the rarest B10M to the most common. Since its reappearance on June 11th, it has been in use every day ! Coaches were prominent today with B7s 20352 on K3 and 20353 on K19. Following its MOT on Thursday 20353 has re-emerged with a repainted front so it now sports the 'First' lettering once more but has lost its fleet number which was in a smaller font than 20351/2.
The 'Easyjet' advert which has been carried by various B9s since around April 23rd has now been supplemented by a second version which looks very similar. 37568 now has this on its passenger side and 37573 has had the original version replaced with the new one. 573 also has the 'Public Enemies' advert now. 37578 seems to get all the new adverts going, but is still out of use - it currently carries Public Enemies/Easyjet V2/LV Com.
B9s out today were 37563/4/6/8/9/70/72-77/79. I haven't seen 37565 since Monday and our last report of it is from Michael on the X2 on Tuesday.

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