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Monday 22nd June 2009 ~ Just The Seven

B10Ms were to the fore today. No less than seven all told, though one of these was due to a failure. 20103 was sent out by Lynn on K2, but later was reported as having failed near Dereham and Andrew saw K2 leave with 20109 on the 15.45 to Peterborough having come off a 43 town service. Later though 20103 appeared in time to take up its return working at 18.35 to Lowestoft. 20104 which had also arrived at Lynn late on Sunday night was used on K16 today. 20106 did K3 and K18 was 20115. What worked Y13 as far as Lynn this morning is presently not known, but 20118 worked forward to Peterborough about 15 late. Final B10M seen today was 20123 which replaced 37576 at Lowestoft on K5. Only two B7s were available today with 20351 stopped with a suspension problem. 20352 and 20353 did K17 and K15 respectively.
With all this coach activity, B9s were somewhat thinner on the ground than usual. 37578 remains at Rowan Road, 37571 stored with accident damage and 37565 has simply disappeared it would seem.

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Anonymous said...

Hi 37565 has been working locally in Lowestoft. I saw it passing my road working on X2 yesterday. 15:38 departure from Lowie to Norwich.

37569 worked the 15:13 departure on route 99 from Lowestoft to Southwold today.

I am new to your blog but will be taking a keen interest from now on.