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Monday 15th June 2009 ~ Back To Reality

37564 after arrival at King's Lynn this evening with new advertising for the film 'Ice Age'.

I returned from Cumbria today and passed 37579 and 20115 running slightly late before I stopped off at Bruce's to check on things, I'll let him take up the story ....

K1- Not seen between 08.01 and 08.37 - did it run early? However spotted by Gerard and me on the afternoon turn with 20115
K2 - 3 late at 08.37 with 20351 eastbound but noted with 37577 on the 16.04 westbound
K3 - 20105 eastbound at 09.13 9 late but on time at 16.34 westbound
K4 - 37576 at 09.44 10 late going east.
K5 - 37573 7 late westbound at 08.09 and 8 late eastbound at 10.12
Y6 - 20103 on time at 08.32 westbound.
Y7 - 37566 on time at 09.04 westbound
L8 - 37568 2 early westbound at 09.32 and 4 late on its return
Y9 - 20352 on time at 10.04 westbound
L10 - 37572 on time westbound at 10.34
L11 - 37567 on time both westbound at 11.04 and eastbound at 13.04
L12 - 20104 3 late westbound at 11.37 and 4 late on its return at 13.38
Y13 - 20127 on time at 12.04 westbound
K14 - Missed the blighter completely
K15 - 37574 at 15.xx eastbound, exact time not noted
K16 - 37573 3 late westbound at 13.37
K17 - 20106 at 16.xx eastbound - exact time not noted
K18 - 37567 19 late at 16.53 eastbound (see L11 above)
K19 - 37579 6 late at 07.37 east bound and on time at 15.04 coming back

And now the Blogmeister says there are even more swaps this evening. There is no doubt that depending on which side of Lynn you live, the X1 can produce two different stories.

Well as always, swaps took place and of turns we know changed we have K2 which had 20351 early on, this was taken off at Lowestoft where 37577 took over and 20351 was held over to work the next leg of Y6. Y6 itself was originally 20103 but this just worked Yarmouth - Peterborough and back to Lowestoft. Y7 was peculiar, starting out with 37566, this was removed at Lynn for the 11.29 to Lowestoft and 37575 substituted, however, Ryan reports this at Yarmouth tionight with a smashed rear window which probably accounts for 37564 doing the second leg which ends up at Lynn. L11 was 37567 but this became embroiled in the swaps and instead of proceeding to Lowestoft at 13.32, the aforementioned 37566 took over with 567 the doing K18 at 14.15 to Yarmouth in place of 37570 which looks to have failed yet again. 37565 was the B9 which evaded Bruce on K14.

Unavailable vehicles are 20121 and 37578, both still floundering at Rowan Road plus crash damaged 37571 of course. 20353 is on MOT this week and today 37569 was absent for a fourth consecutive day. B10Ms had a field day once again with 20103 on Y6a, 20104 doing L12 and 20105 K3. 20106 maintained its new found frontline status on K17 while even more amazingly 20115 appeared for a fifth consecutive day, this time on K1. Completing the line up was 20127 on Y13.

37578 as mentioned above is still demic at Rowan Road and has had acquired a new dropdown ad for the film 'Public Enemies'. This means it never carried the 'Hangover' ad in service ! 20118 and 2021 have both gained side adverts for Sure Start Childrens centre on both sides, this is the first time 121 has carried adverts. Meanwhile 37564 also has a new drivers side ad for the film 'Ice Age'.

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