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Wednesday 3rd June 2009 ~ Pre Watershed Blog

Well wouldn't you know it ? 65531 was K5 today and is seen near Terrington just after 17.30.

With hindsight, it seems that 20353 has simply been moved off the pits at King's Lynn garage to make room for a Dart from Bury St. Edmunds which requires an MOT. With 20353 still seemingly off the road, King's Lynn should still have had sufficient vehicles for the X1, however, 37576 failed to appear for some reason and instead the eleven turns from Lynn had eight Geminis (37563/5/7/70/3/4/5/7), B7 20351, B10M 20105 on K3 and Scania 65531 on K5. Andrew alerted me to the latter after it had evaded Bruce and myself earlier and he saw it arrive in Lynn from Lowestoft at 17.10 and then depart westbound a few minutes later.

From the Eastern end Ryan says 'the famous 20118' was at Yarmouth overnight along with 20352, 20103/26/27 and just a single B9. Today Profile 20352 was on Y7 and B10Ms, 20103 on Y6 and 20118 on Y9 along with 37564/6/8/9/79. Punctuality was pretty good although a few minutes were lost near Wisbech with temporary lights on Cromwell Road.
The reason for the early blog tonight is because I am a polling clerk tomorrow and therefore need an early night ! Bruce is in charge tomorrow, but any other sightings are welcome of course.

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