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Saturday 21st January - Tuesday 24th January 2012 ~ Bye Bye Buses

36180 out in the Fens. Photo : Rob Brooks
Saturday 21st January

I was not expecting to see any X1s from my window today, but the service had not completely transferred to the A1101 and I saw L8 with 37569 at 09.54 (4 late), Y10 with 37565 at 10.51 and finally this afternoon 37575 on K18 at 14.54 (also 4 late). These were all westbound services and none of them were seen returning. Ironically, the Weasenham Lane temporary lights were not in operation today. Just one swap today when 36180 on K3 was changed for 37159, believed to have been at 10.00 this morning. 37571 was spare bus at Lynn and 37158 was also undergoing attention as it is being prepared for MOT this coming week. 32651/4/5 were all viewed on X2s by Malcolm. Thanks to Graham Latimer for supplying a full list of Friday's workings

Sunday 22nd January

The usual B9 worked service. 37577 on the 14.00 Wisbech to Lowestoft for some reason departed almost five late despite having arrived in good time. X1 vehicles have had notices affixed explaining that the Wisbech Weasenham Lane stops are being omitted until further notice.

Monday 23rd January

Nene Quay in Wisbech was closed to eastbound traffic at 09.25 this morning. It remains open for westbound traffic. The temporary lights at Weasenham Lane appear to be a precursor to permanent traffic lights being installed at this location. Bruce was 'on duty' today and copped the whole 19 turns.
Services ran pretty near to time with only 37157 on K3 and 37159 on K18 being seen around 10 minutes behind schedule. a problem with 37575 saw it taken off K4 and replaced by 37566. Another swap saw L8 worked by three different B9s, initially 37563, this was replaced by 37571 for the 09.15 Lynn to Peterborough. Later 37578 took the 21.35 to Lowestoft driven by Des. he says "I was on ttime until Norwich then 2 minutes late from Acle with the Acle Straight closed. After the diversion I was eleven late to our destination, Gorleston JPH".
At Lowestoft, Malcolm writes " I don't know what was going on with the X2 this morning as 32651 and 32656 came in together about 10.30 with the latter departing not in service a few minutes later. 32651 did the 10.38 to Norwich and then it was a case of deja vu with 32654 & 32652 both arriving close together and 32654 then did the 11.08 departure".

Tuesday 24th January

New adverts for 'Chunky Kit Kat' are proving very persuasive - well at least with me, I keep wanting to go and buy one ! Perhaps just as well the buses are no longer passing my window. One bus which evaded the new ads was 37578 still advertising 'Puss In Boots' and seen 10 late on Y6 this morning. 37575 was tried on K4 again for the second day running but was taken out of traffic and is now awaiting injector sleeves. 37563 off repairs was its replacement. K5 began with 37572 but it needed a safety service, so the 10.32 to Lowestoft was worked by 37157 which had just received the same treatment. 572 was out again later though as K14's 37567 was also due for servicing and this came off at 15.00 as it had an oil sensor fault anyway. Y9 with 37566 was 15 late past Bruce on the 09.45 Lynn - Peterborough this morning. but strangely spot on time going back east.

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