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Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th January 2012 ~ Fair Fares

One thing I didn't mention in the blog was the recent fare increases. Cheryl's return from Wisbech to Thorney has gone up by 30p for example. Nevertheless, the X1 still provides good value for money and (to me at least) seems far cheaper than taking the car. I sometimes wonder if many of the people who complain about public transport costs have ever tried owning a car - a sobering experience I can tell you, with the high cost of fuel, as well as tax and servicing, oh and not forgetting the MOT and tyres,then there are parking fees,  hang on - I think I'll stick to the bus where I can !
It's been a rather quiet few days on the X1 it would seem, so nothing unusual to report. Thursday saw 37572 doing odd things. It did L8 to Lynn coming off at 09.08 and then went for servicing before taking over K16 13.15 to Peterborough. 37567 took L8 forward and I'm pretty certain it was 37568 which came off K16, again all to do with maintenance requirements. 37574 remained in Lynn garage today.
Friday was a little hit and miss with timekeeping, but nothing seemed to run too out of course. 37157 had its MOT carried out after having had some panels repainted, 37569 & 37577 were the other two buses not used. It may have been Friday 13th, but Grahame Bessey managed to get some good shots while out in Dereham today

36180 still standing in for 37156 and working K15 as usual, ready to depart Dereham at 11.35 for Peterborough. GB
Taken from the top of a Konect Enviro, 37159 and 37576 are seen at Dereham on the 13.05 and 13.07 departures for Peterborough and Lowestoft (K18 and L8). GB
37568 in the Dereham sunshine prior to departing as the 11.37 to Lowestoft (Grahame Bessey)
About a month ago we featured a picture of 37579 still with its narrow font destination. Here it is today with the standard large lettering ready to leave Dereham at 12.35 westbound. GB

Saturday saw 36180 have a change from working K15 which it had done from Tuesday to Friday, instead it was on K17 running around 10 late when seen this afternoon. 37157 was back on the road on K5 and this left 37569, 37578 & 37579 all spare at Lynn. 37578 had been stopped due to a cracked windscreen.
On Sunday everything seen was pretty near to time, the service was all B9s and 36180 at last had a day off. Our man at Yarmouth garage says Yarmouth trainer 20109 needs some work doing on it and it will be out of service until April, meanwhile 20115 & 20126 continue to perform ably and are still classed as X1 spares.
Thanks also to Bruce, Malcolm and Matthew for all their recent reports.

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Anonymous said...

34333 has gone back on the road and has gone to clacton for good :D