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Saturday 7th - Wednesday 11th January 2012 ~ Five In One

A very uneventful five days have passed with the main X1 service entirely Gemini operated. 36180 has been standing in for the accident damaged 37156 for a while now and this week 37157 has been stopped for MOT prep work.
On Saturday and Sunday the service managed to run without any swaps, although 36180 'escaped' from Lynn on Sunday, working K5 which until now on Sundays had terminated at Yarmouth, however, as it came out of Lowestoft on L12 on Monday, it looks as if K5 now finishes there. 37578 on Sunday's Y7 did the opposite and it came out on Monday's Y9 from Yarmouth instead of appearing from Lowestoft.

Punctuality on Monday was quite good and only 37569 on K2 16.18 Wisbech to Peterborough was notably adrift leaving 14 minutes late. 37571/7 were rested at King's Lynn.

Tuesday began with delays following an accident near Guyhirn, 37563 on K2 08.21 Wisbech to Lowestoft passed me 18 late, but K3 and K4 had only lost 7 minutes and then services reverted to time. There were a couple of swaps with Y9 and Y13 exchanging 37566 & 37573 for 37577 & 37568.

Wednesday saw 37160 needing attention from the Volvo man, but it still managed to do K5 from Lynn to Peterborough and back before being stopped and replaced by 37566. Later it was out again though replacing 37564 for the 18.02 to Lowestoft. A maintenance swap saw 37567 come off K16 at 16.00 with 37572 working forward to Lowestoft. Once again Malcolm Hicks reports three different types of double decker on the X2, the 10.38 departure from Lowestoft was 32652, 32211 was on the 11.08 and this afternoon the 14.38 had Palatine 34157.

Richard Alger took some pictures in Dereham on Tuesday which he has kindly sent. He managed to get some X1s together with the Konect service 8.

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