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Wednesday January 4th 2012 ~ Back To Work

A number of people who use Blogger have been having problems with the masthead photo on their blogs. The last two I have used, the Christmas one and this one of 37157, appear blurred as if in low resolution. Hopefully they will get this fixed soon in view of the glitch affecting so many people.

I went back to work today and didn't get a lot of time at my desk. At first several services failed to appear, but I then put this down to them running dead on time or marginally early and that I'd missed them, rather than them using an alternative route.
Grahame Bessey says "Whilst going through some old photos, I came across 37579 pictured in Acle back on 16th December 2008 with a large font destination which suggests it was reprogrammed at some point but then returned to the original settings!"
Yes Grahame this is exactly what happened. I mentioned it at the time and it came back from Volvo with the narrow font after attention there. Anyway, isn't it strange when coincidences happen ? Just as Grahame's email arrives, I see 37579 on K2 this morning having sometime over the last few days reverted to the large font style as seen above !! This is the first time since all 17 B9 Geminis have been in service, that they have all carried this bolder style of destination display. A shame really, as you could always identify 37579 from a distance as long as it was unique in this respect.

Unusual happenings today included 36180 starting out on K4 for a journey from Lynn to Peterborough and back where it was swapped for 37160 to work the 10.02 to Lowestoft. 37567 on L12 was 9 late on the 11.48 Wisbech to Peterborough, but returned dead on time, suggesting a short cut somewhere. Eleven minutes was the maximum lateness recorded today by 37569 on L10.

Malcolm noted three different types of bus on the X2 today, President 32211 was on the 10.38 Lowestoft - Norwich, Palatine 34156 arrived on the 09.40 from Norwich and 32651 worked the 11.08 departure from Lowestoft. Later 32654 was on the 14.38 with 32210 spare in the bus station.
Des writes "Yesterday (Tuesday), saw the timetable revisions commence with the evening X1s being curtailed at Grat Yarmouth and then becoming Service 1 all stops to Lowestoft. Some buses are able to display X1 Lowestoft and scrolling underneath ... for 1 to Lowestoft and for 1 to Gorleston. Through X1 fares are available to the additional stopping points on the 1 route.

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