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Two Year Blog : Happy New Year.

Thursday December 29th 2011 - Monday January 2nd 2012

Thursday dawned with me taking the X1 to Peterborough in order to catch my train to Scotland. I took K3 06.45 from King's Lynn from Walpole Highway which was 37567. This delivered me to the rail station in plenty of time. The day seemed to pass without incident and the three buses not in use were 37563/8/76. 36180 was back on K15 which seems to be its favourite turn. 34155 was seen by Malcolm operating the 11.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2.
Friday saw 37576 back in action on K19 and 37572 was rested instead. 36180 was K15 again. 20115 was viewed by Christine at Brundall this morning on an X1 short to Norwich. Des drove B7s 37157 & 37160 but both were running up to 10 minutes late due to heavy loadings.
Saturday (New Year's Eve) saw the usual early close. 37565 had a screen washer failure first thing, so Y10 07.15 ex James Paget Hospital left with coach 20115 in an almost exact repeat of events on Christmas Eve. Its jaunt was halted at King's Lynn with 37158 taking over. In a move designed to get 20115 back home, L12 then had 37578 removed so that the coach could head back east on the 14.02 King's Lynn - Lowestoft and then the 17.25 Lowestoft - Yarmouth. 37563 & 37568 had their third consecutive day in Lynn garage.
There was no service on New Years Day but there was a Sunday service on Monday 2nd. The service was entirely B9 worked with 37566/7/9. 37571/2/4/6/7/8/9 being in use.

Richard Alger says "Thought you might be interested in attached pictures of 20111 now with Panther Travel. It was an entrant in the 1 January running day in Southend. You will see that it was passed by an old friend, 20501 operating the service X30". Interesting stuff Richard and here are those pictures :

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