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Friday 20th September 2013 ~ That New Timetable....

Yes it is now online and to make it even easier, you should be able to access it from the 'All the Essential X1 info' folder above.
A quick look at the new timetable reveals some interesting features. The evening 20.54 King's Lynn - Peterborough (17.50 from Lowestoft) which for some years has not run on Sundays, is now cancelled completely, to give a two hour gap before the final service of the day. There also appears to be one less vehicle overnighting at Yarmouth/Lowestoft, so whether this means the vehicle requirement drops from 19 to 18 remains to be seen. I suspect it merely means an extra bus garaged at Lynn rather than at the coast.  The 16.38 Peterborough - Yarmouth is replaced by a 16.45 Peterborough - King's Lynn. Westbound the 05.50 Yarmouth - Peterborough is replaced by a 07.33 Swaffham - Peterborough.
Strangely there is a switch in timings in the middle of the day with the 11.40 King's Lynn - Peterborough being followed by a 40 minute gap, the next service being at 12.20 whereupon the half hourly resumes at different minutes past the hour. The same gap occurs with the corresponding services westbound.

Today the return of 37156 on K5-XL11 meant 36180 was able to return to its usual haunts in Norwich. Delays were minimal today, although K16-XL03 with 37578 lost 25 minutes and left Wisbech for Peterborough at 14.14, just five minutes before K17-XL04 with 37571 which unsurprisingly was bang on time. One surprise was Y9-XL15 being allocated 37160 but getting 37576, while Y13-XL19 had 37160 instead, meaning it had to refuel at lunchtime. 37567/579 were not in use today.

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