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Sunday 29th September 2013 ~ Enviro's Eve

The first of the new fleet, 33803 ready for action tomorrow. 
King's Lynn garage staff had an extremely busy day today preparing the new buses for tomorrow's mini launch. The new buses didn't come wired up for the Wayfarer ticket machines and this was being done today while other final touches were being carried out. Despite being excessively busy, Richard Tucker found time to confirm with me that he plans to have 9 on the road tomorrow. At 16.00 today, all the new buses so far delivered were at Vancouver Avenue except 33808/10/12/13 which were visible at the temporary compound along with Gemini 37578.

As can be seen by enlarging the above 33812 is registered YX63LJZ and 33813 is YX63LKA.
King's Lynn despatched 37156/9/60 to Norwich as expected today and 37158 was fetched from Lowestoft and dropped off at Norwich and will not need replacing as Lowestoft's X1 commitment is reduced from four to three vehicles as from tomorrow.
Rather fittingly, tonight's last service to Peterborough on the last day of full operation was worked by 37563.
37563 heading up to Walpole Flyover with Karen F at the wheel this lunchtime. She said to me later "I wondered why you didn't wave and then I spotted the camera !"

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