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Wednesday 11th September 2013 ~ Timetable Revisions

Joe Leathers Watson captured B7 Gemini 37159 in Great Yarmouth on Wednesday 4th September.
First announced on Monday that a new X1 timetable will be in force from Sunday 29th September. It looks likely that any revisions to the western end of the journey will be minor, however, the section from Norwich to Lowestoft is likely to be completely recast to allow a more comprehensive service and adjusted timetabling should mean better punctuality.
A very brief look at recent events then and the last week on the route has been pretty quiet,  the highlight being the return to traffic on Saturday of 37157 painted in its new colours akin to 37158. 
37157 photographed by Zak Nelson on Saturday
Meanwhile 37160 is currently being repainted which will just leave 37159 in the old livery. 37156 is nevertheless expected to be the next B7 to leave for a repaint this coming Friday. This may be because it has been a little unreliable over the past week, being removed from service on both Saturday and Tuesday. 
37158 has now gained a fleet number at the bottom right of the destination screen. Here she is photographed by Joe in gloomy weather on Friday 6th September

37569 had an MOT completed and was out immediately last Thursday taking L10 forward from Lynn at 10.12 instead of 37564 which was unable to continue. 37572 was back in action at last on Wednesday 4th working K4 to begin with, but not completing the turn and the identical thing happened on Thursday. 37572 has worked well since though being out every day since Friday. Currently undergoing heavy repairs is 37568 which last worked on Wednesday 4th.
David Wilson has been in touch and writes
 "Hi Gerard,
My little boy Dominic loves buses ( you have previously included a picture of him on your blog in the cab of a Norfolk Green Agoraline at Showbus a couple of years back ) and we always enjoy reading your blog together. 
For a year or so now, inspired by your blog and the others he reads, he's been blogging himself and he has asked me to share this post with you, as we went for a trip, with his little brothers (who luckily love buses almost as much as him), on the X1 to the Dereham Planet Zoom.
 We timed our visit to allow us to sample the temporary Enviro 400 on 0930 from Lynn on the way out, and broke our return journey at Swaffham on the way back. 

I was bemused when an elderly couple behind us started commenting on how overcast it was ( it was a very sunny day ) - they had seemingly not realised the windows were heavily tinted...

Keep up the good work

Best Regards

David ( and Dominic)"

Thanks for that chaps and I too have sampled the loaned Enviro 400 on my way back from Peterborough on Monday afternoon. It seems to run well at top speed, but I wasn't over keen on the higher seatbacks which hamper the forward view slightly. Suspension wise I found very little difference from my morning journey with 37570 and both seemed equally rattly. The tinted windows on 33423 were a bit overkill for me as most of my journey took place in heavy rain in very dark conditions. Still, I will reserve judgment and I expect our new buses will have a revised spec.
A view taken in Yarmouth of the rear of 33423 on Thursday 5th Sept, the tinted windows are in stark contrast to the all white bodywork. Photo courtesy of Joe Leathers Watson. 

One failure to report was that of 37570 on Friday evening. The bus was spotted broken down near Norwich whilst working the 18.00 King's Lynn - Great Yarmouth after a water pump tensioner pulley disintegrated. Fitters from King's Lynn atttended and the bus eventually arrived at its destination at 23.30 with its original driver. This caused a slight problem on Saturday morning as the same driver was due to take an early departure westbound and this service had to be cancelled between Lowestoft and Yarmouth. Speaking of Lowestoft, here's the new look in the bus station :
Photo from Des Speed
Finally two more photographs from Joe taken In Yarmouth today (11th) :
Spot the difference ? Yes 37158 has now received adverts !

37579 working L10 11.38 Peterborough - Lowestoft today.

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