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Monday September 23rd 2013 ~ .....and now they are here !

A pictorial look at this afternoon's arrival in King's Lynn of the first three Enviro 400 buses for the X1, numbers 33803/4/5. It is hoped that to start next Monday's new timetable eleven will be available for service. The first B9 should depart for repainting when 37159 arrives back. It is now thought that 37563 - 571 will be allocated to Lowestoft for the X2 and 37572 -79 will have Yarmouth branding in the new standard First livery.
It's a few minutes after 15.00 and the trio of Enviro 400s arrive, the leading one with blank destination display and the rear two with variations on the Lowestoft theme. The buses came in via South Lynn which gave the locals some entertainment.
Rear advertising on the rears of 33804 & 33805, shame about the reflections - shows how clean they are !!

Interior shots of 33803, note the temporary paper floor protection on the upper deck.

33804 arrived with destination vinyls below the top deck windows , but the order of locations was wrong and this is being corrected locally.

Excel boss Rosemary Parry and King's Lynn depot manager Richard Tucker with 33803.
Old and New !
Some of the First staff on duty at the time of delivery. Back Row : Tim Rix (Engineering), Lee Jackson (Cleaning), Wayne Sheppard (Controller), Rosemary Parry (Excel Manager), Steve Gooding (Engineering), James Spall (Excel King's Lynn Driver), Chris Waters (Lowestoft Excel Driver), Trevor Applegate (Excel King's Lynn Driver).  Front row : 'Kancho' Kanev (Excel King's Lynn Driver), and Richard Tucker (King's Lynn Depot Manager)

Hmmm, now where are we going to put all these new buses ?


suffolkraider said...

Serious scoop there Gerard !! Excellent blog and superb pictures! Thank you :) all I have to do is sit and wait in Yarmouth or Lowestoft !! Got new batteries for the camera so am ready !!

Anonymous said...

Blue ? Similar to Konectexpress8 ?

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the white destination screen.