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Friday 27th September 2013 ~ The Press Launch

It is officially confirmed today that First will be holding 'press launch' events to mark the entry into service of the new bus fleet. These will also be open to the general public and will take place on October 16th in Lowestoft and Norwich and the following day in King's Lynn and Peterborough and yes, reading the blurb :
the cat is now officially out of the bag - the new Enviro 400s will feature on board announcements !
33812 & 33813 joined the growing stud at King's Lynn today and 33803 - 33813 have now all been delivered leaving another 11 to come. The buses are likely to enter service as soon as they are ready now, as the B9s are urgently required further east. 37576 became the second B9 Gemini to depart for Full Circle today, its ultimate destination being Great Yarmouth.
On the route things ran smoothly until the afternoon. 37574 on XL19-Y13 passed my window at Wisbech 26 late going eastbound, but it was a major accident between Eye Green and Thorney which closed the A47 until 22.00 tonight which caused major disruption. K18-XL05 which is due through Walpole at 16.35 finally passed Bruce at 18.08, 93 minutes late. K19-XL06 was not seen, but K1-XL07 with 37563 which had been on time going to Peterborough came back past Bruce at 18.14, 40 late. Later 33423 on K3-XL09 17.42 from Peterborough appeared at 19.44, 64 minutes late, closely followed by 37565 on K4-XL10. 37567 which came into Lynn on the 18.07 terminating service from Lowestoft was turned round quickly to work K2-XL08 18.33 back to Lowestoft, due to the late arrival from the west of 37573. When 573 did come in it worked K4-XL10 19.33 eastbound instead of the delayed 37565. Earlier in the day 37157 had been 16 late arriving in Lowestoft before working the 10.55 to Peterborough.

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