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Tuesday September 3rd 2013 ~ Pictures Galore

37158 in Dereham on Friday 30th August photographed by Richard Alger
The X1 blog photographers have been out in force this week and I make no apology for including so many pictures as we are currently experiencing an unusual period in X1 history. A quick synopsis of the last five days to begin with. Thursday witnessed three changes of vehicle on the service. Quite often these changes are, as in today's case with 37578, as a result of servicing requirements. K14-XL01 began with 578, but at lunchtime the opportunity was taken to remove it for scheduled servicing and 37156 which had just had a service completed took the diagram onward commencing with the 12.15 Lynn - Peterborough. There was obviously an A47 incident of some sort as 37156 returned eastbound 41 late through Walpole Highway and Bruce then spotted the following service (K15-XL02) about 6 minutes behind at 15.20, around 15 minutes late. Other swaps were 37565 on Y6-XL12 which was also due for servicing and 37160 again freshly serviced took over. B7s are quite uncommon on XL12 as this is one of the longer diagrams. Today's other change was on K2-XL08 when 37566 was removed for some reason at 18.30 and 37563 which had just arrived on Y7-XL13 was sent immediately back east after a quick clean.
33423 at Lowestoft photographed by Damon Powell
The upper deck of 33423. Thanks to Damon Powell for the picture.
The lower deck of 33423 as photographed by Damon. Check out his Flickr pages at :

I was about uncharacteristically early on Friday as I had to attend a funeral in Scotland. I boarded the 06.47 Wisbech - Peterborough (K2-XL08) with a cheery Mr. Woodhouse at the helm of 37579. The very tight scheduling to Thorney Toll saw us 2 minutes late there despite a relatively delay free journey. The revised timetable soon turned things round though and we were a minute early into Peterborough Queensgate at 07.26.
 I was soon receiving reports from my correspondents of a deteriorating situation on the road though with an accident at Narborough causing diversions from about 08.00 and the A47 remained closed until about Noon. Running via Stradsett cost most services around 10 minutes in added journey time. At just before 11.30, an accident caused closure of the Acle Straight for an hour and then at around 12.30 there were delays at the South Gates roundabout after a collision between two cars, so all in all a bad day for people trying to run (and catch) a bus service. Vehicle swaps were minimal though and nothing too untoward on the punctuality front was reported to me.
Here are a selection of X1 shots taken by Grahame Bessey at Norwich on Friday depicting both old and new :

Saturday couldn't have been more different though with new liveried 37158 having a funny day. It came off L11-XL17 at Lynn at 13.20 and 37160 replaced it. 37158 then had another trip to Peterborough at 15.12 on K19-XL06 replacing 37575. Just about every turn from lunchtime onwards changed vehicles, no doubt due to A47 delays. 37158 itself was replaced on K19 by 37565 at 17.30. I travelled back from Peterborough to Wisbech on 37158 which was handled very competently by King's Lynn driver Jason. We were on time throughout which as regular readers will be aware is quite a feat with a B7.
Andrew gives 37571 a wash at King's Lynn garage. Photo taken with First Group permission.
On Monday and Tuesday this week, timekeeping has been fairly good - on Monday Malcolm did witness a couple of late morning arrivals at Lowestoft, 37158 13 late on K18 (XL05) followed by K19 (XL06) with 37574 which came in 19 late and of note on Tuesday was 33423 on its regular turn (K3-XL09) being 11 late this morning through Wisbech, but only 1 late this evening. 37159 was on K18 today and Malcolm again reports a late arrival at Lowestoft where it was 23 late, however, almost all the lost time had been regained by this afternoon. 37569 has been stopped for MOT since Sunday and 37572 has returned from repair at Volvo, but has not worked as yet. 37157 has spent the period under review being repainted at Full Circle. 37158 has now gained fleet numbers at the rear.
The new livery for the Enviro 400 X1 fleet is now confirmed as blue or purple and gold and these photographs by Mike Wallington are believed to show the scheme before full branding has been applied. It is also thought that frames for advertising boards will be fitted before entry  into service.

Thanks to Mike for allowing me to use his photographs and to an X1 blog reader for tipping me off.

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Daryl said...

The livery of Blue and Gold on the Envrio's is the smae style as the ones on the Versa's for the X2 in South Wales.