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Thursday 26th September 2013 ~ The Enviros Came in Two By Two

Another two new vehicles today, 33810 with the retail therapy rear ad and 33811 with the cool chill version. Registrations are YX63LJV and YX63LJY. Today also saw the return to King's Lynn of B7 37159, the final example to be repainted in First new standard livery pending departure for the Potteries. 37567 returned to traffic today on K4-XL10. Timekeeping as in general of late was very smart today.

I was very pleased to hear from Syd Eade again today regarding 37568, the first of the B9 Geminis to be withdrawn from X1 service pending reallocation to Lowestoft. Syd was lucky enough to be at Norwich on Monday afternoon to witness 568s last run to Peterborough on XL06-K19 and luckily for us had the camera out too :

Syd Eade says "I am sure there will be lots of 'last' photos but can I claim the honour of the first one please!!!", certainly can Syd and  Wayne C  AKA Manchester at the wheel is posing for the camera too !

Now to finish today I had a nice email from Jamie Skinner who says "Been getting the old Volvo Olympians for 3 weeks flat now on shorts to College in Norwich, loads better than the Geminis  and new buses to me -sadly looks like they're going to be sent to the Midlands to do contract work, I personally think they should be out on the Belton number 7 run where the extra capacity would be welcome. Sad to see them go!"

Jamie took pictures on his mobile of 34112 at Norwich plus a picture of the upstairs interior, which I have reproduced here.

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