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Friday 19th June 2009 ~ X2 happenings

In very low lighting conditions just after 21.00 tonight, 20104 seen near Tilney on L12.
There have been several appearances of X1 vehicles on the X2 this week. Firstly on Tuesday 37565 was seen on this service and on the same day 20103 & 20123 were also seen, Wednesday saw the same two B10Ms out, while on Thursday 20103 performed in the morning and 20104 in the afternoon. Today 37567 arrived at Lowestoft on the 14.40 arrival (Y7) and this was then sent out on the 15.38 X2 to Norwich. Y7 continued with 37574. Thanks to Michael for this information. This was part of a series of Gemini swaps at Lowestoft. First turn affected was K5 which had 37574 changed for 37576, the latter had been spare at Lowestoft as it did not return to Lynn last night on K15 and instead 20123 was sent back. 37569 on Y9 was swapped for 37566 and 569 then went onto L11 which is believed to have been 37572 in the morning. At King's Lynn, L10 changed vehicles in the middle of the day with 37579 being changed for 37570.
All three Profiles were out on King's Lynn internal diagrams. The B10M count was four, these being 20104 on L12, 20106 on K16, 20115 on K4 and 20123 seen racing towards Walpole Highway this morning on K2. Y13 was not seen but Bruce thinks it was a B9 and not 20127 which had been expected.
Hunstanton schools turns today were 20105/18/31. 20121 remains 'broken' at Rowan Road along with Gemini 37578 which has now not been on the road since May 29th. Local Scania 65528 has at last left this location for major repairs.
Timekeeping on the X1 was not too bad for a Friday particularly considering the Wisbech diversion mentioned in previous blogs. Worst culprit was K14 which was 20 late westbound from Wisbech with 37568 and 18 late returning.

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