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Monday 29th June 2009 ~ Travelogue

Jim says "I have to smile when someone has a rant,especially when you talk about the coaches,the one's some of you couldn't wait to get rid of, also saying things will change when the new Deckers arrive. Well I must say some of you have changed your tune,what's the saying ? You never miss it until it's gone. Now I grant you, if you sit up the front upstairs it's tight, but the view is exceptional.
I travelled from Ipswich to Lowestoft by train and the X1 from Lowestoft to Lynn on 37567 - fantastic,then on 30888 to Hunstanton Bl--dy hell those seats upstairs on the Alx400 were very hard, but scenery fantastic. Came back on the coastal flyer to Lynn and I still don't like the Solo,nippy,but the road noise ! Back to Norwich on 37567 again, home on the class 90.
The following day to Lowestoft again, then on 37568 to JPH Gorleston, 66959 into Yarmouth, a wee bite, then later to Norwich on 37568. I saw 32852 at Surrey St about to leave for Sheringham so hopped on and I must admit it was a superb ride as far as Cromer. Caught the 18.00 train to Norwich and the 19.00 to Ipswich. Now! personally if you try an equal a bus with a coach, you will always be on a loser hence the moaners. I thoroughly enjoyed my two day chase around, so did my good lady. So in 10 years time, lets hope they bring back the new type of Paragons or even Elites so the guys out there who seem to have a crack at most things will be happy again, OR WILL THEY ? I recall all the comments about the B10's & B12's and the reliability problems,will history repeat itself i wonder ? I hope I'm around to make comments. I also think how lucky you are to have such a fantastic service in the X1, running from Suffolk through Norfolk into Cambridgeshire on a half hourly basis, my word I am jealous".
When Jim talks about the moaners, can I make it clear that this is not a personal attack on Rob B. I think Jim is referring to many enthusiasts who took some mileage out of the reliability latterly of the coaches. Sounds like an interesting couple of days out Jim, just can't understand how you never fell upon a B10M ! The influx of Tridents seem to be spreading their wings from Norwich and today Michael Bryant saw 32857 on the 15.08 Norwich - Beccles X2. In contrast 20105 which stayed over at Lowestoft on Saturday was also on X2 duties today.
So to today's X1 and considering the high temperatures which we had today and which are forecast to last all week, the service did well. Fourteen services were B9 operated which is the highest proportion of these out for some time. Missing were accident damaged 37571, 37578 awaiting seatbelts which could be arriving this week and 37575 which is at King's Lynn on MOT. The shortfall was made up by 20106 on K3 (again), 20107 on Y7 and 20103 on K18, this latter was 13 late through Walpole heading west this afternoon. Profiles out were 20352 on L8 and 20353 on K5. 20351 remained at Lowestoft but was not reported in use. Many thanks to Bruce for sightings today. Tonight Richard and myself had a look at 37568 which has 82309 miles on the odometer and 80112 on the wheel hub so may be the latter was fitted after entry into service. Either way it is a huge mileage for a vehicle which has only been in service since 23rd October last and even the lower figure equates to 320 miles every single day if my calculations are correct.


jim long said...

Hi,yes were were right Gerard,it wasn't a crack at Rob,but,generalisation over a period of time to the run up of the B9's arriving.
Well as for not riding a B10m i did that on purpose,i wanted to sample in a hefty way the B9 Decker,or the B7 coach,which i never saw to actually ride on,other than, one flashing by on the other leg.
Yeah it was a cracking two days of good weather,and good rides,even had a paddle at Hunstanton,as i had never been there before,although OC3 34823 use to do the trip on a regular basis on a summer sunday in the 90's from Ipswich a SCC contract , i should have taken up the opportunity,are well win some lose some.
Thanks to all for the fine efforts on the blog.... Jim

Sam Wickham said...

32857 isn't the first of its kind on the X2; 32886 did this turn on 20/03 on its first day. I believe this ends up on one of the Dereham X1 turns