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Tuesday 9th June 2009 ~ Rarities

And where do you think you're going ? 37573 on K4 takes the Wisbech bypass just after 5pm tonight. Photo : J. Robinson (under instruction from me !)

Firstly I forgot when doing yesterday's blog to mention that the excellent punctuality had one exception. K4 08.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft which had been on time going over with 37568 returned past Bruce 27 late as he puts it "almost at walking pace". Probably unconnected but today 37568 was seen by Terence at Lowestoft garage being attended to and earlier Sam reports that a Gemini apparently failed on an X2.

So to today and the morning went well with everything running to time, then at around 12.30 emergency roadworks were set up just off the Freedom Bridge roundabout at Wisbech preventing access down Lynn Road. Incoming X1's commencing with K14 08.55 from Lowestoft were delayed, however this service was only about 14 late departing west with 37565. Subsequent services fared worse though and lateness gradually increased to the point where 37563 due off Wisbech at 15.48 was exactly 30 minutes late departing. Normally services passing Bruce at Walpole Highway take 16 minutes to reach my vantage point near Wisbech town bridge, but this afternoon they were taking 40 minutes. To avoid the queues we took a round about way home via Wisbech bypass and passed K4 taking this route to get into Wisbech quicker. The disadvantage of taking this route is that the Walton Road stop gets omitted. Earlier in the day there was a surprise change at King's Lynn when 37570 was taken off Y6 for the 11.02 to Lowestoft and 20106 was substituted. Even more unusual was the fact that this then stuck on Y6 and departed on the 20.35 to Lowestoft. Jason who'd driven it to Peterborough and back - its first outing to the City since January - declared that it was a good one ! Later 37570 replaced 37579 on K2, this was probably to allow servicing to be carried out as 37570/2/3/4/7/9 all require this during this week. 20126 came out of Yarmouth on Y13 and K18 had 20104. Again all three B7s were out but this time all on Lynn 'internal' turns viz K3, K15 and K17. 37567 is a second B9 to receive the 'Hangover' advert.

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