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Monday 1st June 2009 ~ The Beast Tamed

More blue skies and sunshine today. Here 37574 nears Walpole Highway at 08.30 this morning on K2. Note the new Nokia advert with a green background this time.

There seemed to be more services delayed than on a typical Monday today. Some of this may well be down to the fine weather causing heavier traffic than customary. I rather lost my way with sightings this afternoon, but thanks as ever to Bruce, we were able to view all the services originating from Yarmouth and Lowestoft. For the record these are listed here : Y6 37576, Y7 37570, L8 37567, Y9 37572, L10 37573, L11 37575, L12 20126 and Y13 20103. Average time into Wisbech from Peterborough was 7 late, but L12 was 14 late going west and on time returning. 20105 was used on K5 all day while 20351 went over to Yarmouth on K4. There were no reports of 20352 being seen, so this may have had a day off.

Ryan says that overnight Mon/Tue, Yarmouth was host to 37563/8 (plus one other believed to be 37567) as well as 20351. Apparently there is a fair amount of work to be done on Beast 20107 before it can go for its MOT. Perhaps they might like to borrow the masking tape which King's Lynn used to coax 20118 through its MOT recently. Bruce says that the reason the Norfolk Police adverts have lasted so long on 118, is because were they to be removed, there would be huge holes in the side !!

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