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Wednesday 17th June 2009 ~ Tales of a Lonesome Blogger

Ryan reported 37570 at Yarmouth overnight with defects and other X1 vehicles there were 20104/26. 37570 reappeared today on Y13. Other sightings this morning through Wisbech were 20118 on L8 having once again replaced a Gemini at Lynn (believed to be 37573, which later continued the turn). 37574 was L10, 37563 L11, 20127 L12 and 37566 Y6. This evening Y7 looked to have arrived with 37567 and Y9 with 37564.
King's Lynn despatched just two B10Ms today, these being the two new flagship boys : 20106 on K3 and 20115 on K4. 20105 had a rare day off and had new tyres fitted. 37568 has the Ice Age 3 ad along with 37564, while 37567 has gained the 'Public Enemies' banner having lost its 'Hangover' one after only a few days. 567 has also lost its NCC ad on the back.
The subsidence which has affected Lynn Road in Wisbech means all eastbound services are still leaving via the A1101, while westbound services either arrive via the normal route - with a consequent delay in the region of 5 minutes - or take the A1101 route. Bruce is indisposed until the weekend with house guests, so sightings are my own unless stated. Yesterday 20118 expired at Wisbech on L8 just before 11am and had to be taken to Lynn garage for a new alternator.
Speaking of 118, 37566 was unable to work Y6 westbound from Lynn tonight at 17.45 and 20118 was substituted.

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