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Saturday 6th June 2009 ~ Profiles Pull It Off

Leaving Walton Highway this lunchtime is 20126 on Y13 13.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft.
Here's a rare sight. 20353 in service near Terrington this teatime on K3.

Andrew reports that 20106 was out on Hunstanton duties yesterday morning and as it was at Rowan Road with X1 on the front today it would indeed suggest it finished K19 yesterday, which as we said was its first X1 appearance since January. 20131 was later on Hunstanton's too. Today we had a strange state of affairs where all three Profiles were in service. 20351 was the most predictable on K5, then we had 20352 which surprisingly was turned out on L12 by Lowestoft which is the single return trip. 37577 did K3 until at arrived at King's Lynn at 09.24 when Rob Brooks saw it taken out of service and a fresh vehicle ordered from Vancouver Avenue in the shape of 20353, its first working for over a fortnight. At least two B10Ms were out as 20118 returned home on Y10 and 20126 did Y13 which also ended up at King's Lynn. There were a couple of turns not viewed, Y7 was one of these and it ended up with 37573 which had begun on K2. K2 might possibly have finished the day with 37576 but the whereabouts of 20105 during all this is not known either, surely it didn't get a day off ?

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