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Tuesday 2nd June 2009 ~ 'You Wait Until It Gets Warm'

More warm weather ! 37577 seems unaffected as it gets away from Walton Highway on K15 at lunchtime, but 37572 was in trouble today (see below).

Ever since the B9 Geminis have arrived, one phrase has haunted me through the winter months into Spring and continues to do so now the Summer months are arriving. "You wait until it gets warm" said Bruce and indeed he has repeated it several times over the last 6 months or so. Meaning of course that he thinks that come higher temperatures the B9s may have a few weaknesses. Time will tell if he is correct, but the last few days have been quite warm and on Friday afternoon 37574 was failed with a No. 2 injector failure and is currently at Volvo, then this afternoon 37572 which Terence had seen departing Lowestoft as booked at 10.55, had to be shut down at Lynn while working K18 when its No. 6 injector packed up. It is now keeping company with the withdrawn Olympians at Rowan Road and will also have to return to Volvo at Norwich. Luckily B10M 20118 was on hand and was seen leaving Wisbech dead on time at 14.48 heading west.

This means that the original planned 20 B9's which were then cut to 17 on delivery are now down to just 14 serviceable. Sam was surprised to see 37566 on the X2 today and it may have worked a 99 before this. This afternoon it was covering the diagram formerly known as K19.
Not surprisingly B10Ms were well in evidence with 20103 on K1, 20105 on K3, 20118 replacing 37572 as described above and 20126 doing the first leg of K16 to Lowestoft and then becoming spare at the bus station while the return trip, the 09.55 to Peterborough utilised 20104 !
Profiles 20351/2 were both out on Y7 and K4 while 20353 appears to have had its repairs completed at last and looked ready for service again this evening.
B9s confirmed as now sporting the new Nokia dropdown advert are 37563/68/73/74/75/79 plus 37566 which was advertising Pepsi Raw yesterday but had the Nokia one fitted overnight

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