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Wednesday 24th June 2009 ~ A New Route ?

The B7 Profiles seemed to be standby duty today. 20351 managed a full days work on K17, but 20353 which had been at Lowestoft after doing the early part of K15 yesterday, re-emerged on the second part of K2 today in place of 20104. Jamie R travelled on 353 on the 17.15 from Peterborough and was surprised to find that it left Wisbech on the A1101 as has been normal recently, but then turned left up Norwich Road and carried on over the speed bumps through Walsoken to meet the B198 near the Norfolk boundary. Meanwhile 20352 was seen on Y6 19.10 from Peterborough tonight having taken over from 37570 which did the morning part of the diagram. Swaps seemed to be the theme of the day and other turns affected were L12 which came over from Lowestoft with 37565 - its first appearance for more than a week, but tonight this had been replaced by 37572 off K5. K19 was another turn which swapped, this time at Lowestoft where 37563 came in at 11.10 with 37577 taking over at 11.25.
B10Ms on X1 duty today were 20104 as mentioned above on the first part of K2 and following it this morning were a rather rough sounding 20123 on K3 and then 20107 on K4 which somehow managed to lose 27 minutes on the 08.45 from Peterborough by the time it passed Bruce at Walpole Highway. This evening it was only around six late. 20115 was again used on a B9 turn from Lynn, this time on K18. From the coast all turns were B9s except Y7 which had 20106.
Mike F was in touch to say that the old K2 diagram on the X2, the 15.38 Lowestoft - Norwich etc had 37569 today explaining its 'no show' on the X1.
The advertising campaign by 'Easyjet' has claimed the passenger side of all the B9s except 37577 which retains a Cadbury's Twisted ad.

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