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Tuesday 23rd June 2009 ~ Geminis On Holiday

New correspondent 'xdp73' kindly reports that 37565 was on the 15.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 yesterday, so may be it is on some sort of restricted working. More news of 20103's failure yesterday has come in. Apparently it expired at Toftwood with a loss of electrics. It was able to continue after a main fuse was replaced, however, its place today was taken by 37568. Today's most unusual working (again many thanks to xdp73) involved 37569 which after working the first part of Y7 (the 10.05 from Peterborough which is into Lowestoft at 14.40) then did the 15.13 service 99 to Southwold. Y7 continued at 14.55 back to King's Lynn with .......... the return of 'The Beast' 20107 fresh from its MOT. A strange set up surely ? May be the 99 is advertised as an all low floor service ?
A better showing by the B9s today with all but 37565/71/78 reaching Peterborough on the X1. Profile 20353 on K15 failed to reappear on the 09.26 from Lowestoft and 20104 was substituted. This was 12 late going to Peterborough but only 6 late coming back. Other B10Ms helping out today were 20123 which did K4 until 19.28 when it was replaced at King's Lynn by 20106 which had just come in having completed K3. Any guesses what the other B10M out today was ? Well it was 20115 of course (who'd have thought we'd have been saying that a few weeks ago). This did Y13 which means it should get back to Lynn at 00.28 tonight.
Gemini 37563 was seen this evening and it has now amassed 77083 miles since its debut last October. One of the newer B9s 37572 had 71598 on the clock yesterday evening and a quick check tonight saw that this had risen to 71917. This conveniently tells us that turn K5 which is what it had done between the two readings covers approx 319 miles. (KL-Pbo-Lft-Pbo-KL).
The Easyjet advertisements are now carried on the passenger side of almost all B9s. Bruce and myself monitored punctuality today which was very good.

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Sam Wickham said...

Reason that there had been an elephant on the 99 isn't that its low floor; its because Anglian run 601 along the same route with quicker times, lower fares and newer buses; they just want to keep up!