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Sunday 21st June 2009 ~ Log for the longest day

A traditional line up at King's Lynn garage this evening with 20115/106 in the foreground next to 20353 bearing new red 'First' lettering. At the other end of the line up is B7 20352.
20104 descends from the A47 flyover near Walpole Highway at lunchtime working the 12.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft.

When the X1 timetable changed recently, it was assumed that the Sunday timetable remained almost unchanged, however, it would appear that there is now a tenth turn whereas previously only nine vehicles were involved. The reason for this is that K6 06.35 King's Lynn - Lowestoft which arrives at its destination at 09.30, now seems to retire to the depot and a fresh vehicle off Lowestoft then works the rest of the turn starting with the 09.48 to Peterborough. The Saturday L12 turn which just does a Lowestoft - P'borough and return trip then berths overnight at Yarmouth. Last week this was 20115 and it then worked Y9 on Sunday. Today precisely the same thing happened when 20103 off L12 yesterday did Y9 today. It was not alone flying the B10M flag though as sister 20104 worked Y5 all day. Both these turns end at Lynn and this has left the western end of the service with a surplus of B10Ms. Tonight King's Lynn was host to 20103/4/5/6/9/15/18/21/31 of which all are Ok except 20121. The three B7 Profiles were all in Vancouver Avenue garage too, meaning that the only B9s in Lynn tonight will be 37569/73/4/6/7, plus the unserviceable 37578 at Rowan Road. 37577 is assumed to have been K1 (the only turn not seen today) and 37566 K6a.
20106/15 were also in Vancouver Avenue tonight enjoying a well earned rest. B10Ms are still capable of some worthwhile mileages. Since 30th May 20109 and 20131 have chiefly been limited to schools turns and have clocked up 2247 and 2015 miles respectively, however, 20118 which has enjoyed a fair bit of X1 use had amassed 5122 miles over the same period.

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