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Wednesday 10th June 2009 ~ Concentration Required

Bruce pointed out to me that yet again I made an error in yesterday's blog ! I cited 37568 as being late on Tuesday's K4 whereas it was 37569, hence no connection with 37568's appearance at Lowestoft depot. There is certainly nothing wrong with 37569 speedwise as anyone who saw it passing through Walpole recently would agree, I was unaware the speed limit at this location had been abolished !
Another allegation from yesterday which was incorrect (never let it be said that I don't admit to errors ) was that stating that 37570 worked yesterday evening. In fact it was 37569 (again) off Y7 which took K2 forward in place of 37563. It looks as though 570 has gone back to Volvo yet again, but this needs confirmation.
The emergency roadworks at Wisbech mentioned in yesterday's report continued today with Anglian Water representatives making slow progress. This meant all X1s were diverted via the eastern bypass and Elme Hall roundabout to arrive at Wisbech via the A1101. This diversion seemed to be official and the Walton Road stop was only served by Norfolk Green services today. Delays were therefore only slight and soon absorbed into the new revised timings. The first signs of anything other than a B7 or B9 this morning were nearer lunchtime when L11 passed through Wisbech westbound with 20105. This was a substitute at Lynn, possibly for 37576. Next up was 20106 which made a day of it by working L12 throughout. Tonight it was on time into Wisbech on its way back home at 22.55. Y13 then turned up with the missing 37576 and it is thought that this turn may have started out with 20104, but following the borrowing of 20105 for L11, then may be 104 was pinched for schools work. Only other B10M seen today was 20126 which rather strangely did an internal Lynn turn, K15 while Profile 20352 was turned out on K14 which ends at Lowestoft. The other two B7s were 20351 on K3 and 20353 on K17.
Advance warning now that I am away in Cumbria from Friday until Monday so any sightings will be gratefully received and a blog covering this period will hopefully be appearing on Monday next, gen permitting.

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