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Saturday 27th June 2009 ~ Static Exhibit

Bernie gets to grips with 20105 as it leaves Wisbech on K3 at 08.56 this morning. the return trip from Lowestoft was handled by sister vehicle 20103.
20118 has lost its Norfolk police adverts at last and Sure Start Childrens Centre is the beneficiary on both sides. The new vinyls were fitted on June 13th. Here she is witnessed by Bruce and myself on K15 14.05 from Peterborough this afternoon. King's Lynn depot have also fitted new registration plates to 118 for its recent MOT.
37578 is something of a statue at Rowan Road. The advertising man has now put a nice pictorial promo for 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' on the side, the previous two it has carried for 'Hangover' and 'Public Enemies' were never seen in traffic. Its last appearance in use was on May 29th. Its hub meter reads 66190 incidentally. Highest mileage of the B9s seems to have been accumulated by 37564 which has now got an impressive 80289 miles on the clock.
20118 was earning its keep today, it began on K5 but was taken off at Lynn at 10.24 as 37573 was OK to work forward. 118 then replaced 37576 on K15 12.45 to Peterborough and stuck with the turn all day which on a Saturday finishes with the 23.15 ex Peterborough. Bruce saw K1 with an unidentified B10M this afternoon and Cheryl then sent a text to confirm it was 20107. K3 had 20105 but this was swapped at Lowestoft and the 12.55 back from Lowestoft was 20103. 20106 was the other B10M working and this did Y10.
B7 20351 which worked over to Lowestoft on Friday afternoon's K16 did not appear today, but K16 was again a Profile, this time 20352. 20353 came back from Yarmouth and worked Y7 all day. Rob Brooks reported L8 20.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft as diverted via the Wisbech western bypass and Elm Road to reach the bus station tonight, presumably due to an accident on Cromwell Road. the vehicle was 37577. L12 with 37568 was going well tonight and was seen at Lynn Hardwick Road Tesco stop at 20.34, just 20 minutes after its scheduled departure from Swaffham.

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