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Sunday 28th June 2009 ~ Hot Under The Collar

This is a bit blurry but had to be included for rarity value. It's 37565 on this morning's 10.10 from Peterborough complete with new ad for 'Bruno'. It retired on arrival at Lowestoft.
37566 passing Boskoop Farm on the 13.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft. Green Nokia ad.

37568 arrives at Wisbech this evening on the 19.00 to Lowestoft. Ice Age 3 advert.
We haven't had any ranting on here for a little while, so here's a bit of verbal from Rob B after his experience today :
Just joined 37572 at Wisbech on the late running 14.22 to Peterborough, left at 14.32 10 late exactly. Asked for a single- £4. "Wait a minuite" I said- "when did they go up?", "After a month", the driver said. I paid the fare, grudgingly, then took my usual seat at the back (can't do the top deck in summer- too damn hot) and thought to myself- This X1 used to be great- nice coaches, decent legroom (except the P7xxXHS ex Glasgow lot) and reasonable fares. Then they got rid of THE best coaches on the route- the B12s, gave us 3 coaches that have a wheelchair lift that blocks any reasonable view out the front window.....assuming you get a B7R that works, and then these big mistakes! Hard seats, legroom that only a toddler can call decent with no view out the front window because the amount of bars across the front looks like your in a prision cell. Now their charging nearly a quid more for a lot less!! And its for this reason alone I will use Stagecoach's 36 whenever possible from now on. £3.30 single and £5 return (dayrider+ can go anywhere in Cambridgeshire then!!) That's much more like it!!
Well if you agree or disagree with Rob, please get in touch, particularly if you have any recent travelling experiences.
Today was a totally B9 worked service, but 37565 which went over to Lowestoft on K3 predictably failed to return 37573 came back. This had gone over first thing on K6 and this turn continued with 37569.
Here's an advert update for the B9s
37563 Nokia 2 (green); Easy Jet Athens; Lowestoft College
37564 Ice Age 3; Easy Jet Athens; nil
37565 Bruno; Easy Jet Malaga; nil
37566 Nokia 2 (green); Easy Jet Majorca (original); UEA Open Days
37567 Public Enemies ; Easy Jet Athens; nil
37568 Ice Age 3; Easy Jet Malaga; Kwikfit
37569 Public Enemies; Easy Jet Athens; UEA Open Days
37570 Bruno; Easy Jet Athens; Lowestoft College
37572 Nil; Easy Jet Athens; nil
37573 Public Enemies; Easy Jet Malaga; UEA Carol Bundock
37574 Nokia 2 (green); Easy Jet Malaga; UEA Carol Bundock
37575 Nokia 2 (green); Easy Jet Athens; LV Com
37576 Bruno; Easy Jet Athens; LV Com
37577 Nokia 2 (green); Cadburys Twisted; NCC Elections green
37578 Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince; Easy Jet Malaga; LV Com
37579 Bruno; Easy Jet Athens; UEA Carol Bundock
A few items of note here. The adverts for Bruno were all fixed last night and 37579 became the first B9 to lose the Green Nokia ad. 37570/6 were the last two with the Pepsi Raw ad. 37565 had worn the Public Enemies ad for a few days before having the Bruno one fixed. 37572 has still never carried any nearside advertising. There are currently three versions of EasyJet advert, the adman was most disappointed when I told him he'd missed replacing the original one on 37566 !

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