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Monday 8th June 2009 ~ Smooth Operators

Everything seemed to run pretty much according to plan today with Bruce, Rob B and myself monitoring things. In fact only one turn seemed to be having problems and this was L8 which passed through Wisbech on time this morning with 20105 which had replaced a B9 at King's Lynn. This evening the turn had reverted to what looked like 37564, so this was probably the culprit. The only turn not seen was K5 which looks a good bet for 20351. 20352 was Y13 and 20353 K3. B10Ms out were 20104 which came out of Lowestoft on L10 due to 37567 being unavailable, 20126 did K1 which will take it back to Yarmouth tonight. New rear adverts for LV.Com (37575/6/8) and Lowestoft College (37563/70) have appeared this weekend. Timekeeping was very good today.

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