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Tuesday (thanks Sam !) 30th June 2009 ~ Seaside Special

K17 was a B7 turn in the last timetable and quite often still is these days too. 20351 has just passed the 'Coach & Horses' pub at Tilney in this view which was taken in the searing heat at 2pm today.
It must have been nice to have been on the coast the last few days with a pleasant breeze to moderate the temperature and anyone travelling out of Southwold this morning would have got a surprise. Michael F says "37565 was working the 7:31 route 99 service from Southwold to Lowestoft this morning. Seems these purpose built buses for the X1 are beginning to stray away from the route on a regular basis. There doesn't yet seem any consistency of diagrams though... just as and when. Will keep you posted from the far east!".
I did wonder if 565 would be kept local today as 20105 was still over there and this did L12 today with 37566/9/72 doing the other Lowestoft originating turns this morning. K3 was, well you know what I'm going to say don't you ? 20106 ! Y6 came across from Yarmouth with 20103 and this was out all day and was seen leaving King's Lynn on the 20.35 to Lowestoft. K16 produced 20107 and Bruce had a ride on it from Lynn to Walpole Highway. 107 is much, much quieter mechanically these days although this has detracted from its character a bit.

Delays in the Dereham area this teatime meant that 37576 on K5 was about 30 late into Lynn to do the 17.15 Peterborough, so 20118 took its place. 576 is due to be serviced in the morning so may well find itself on K5 again tomorrow, this being the final Lynn despatch.
The Harry Potter ad has now been noted on 37563/4/9, while 37566 carries the Bruno ad.

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