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21st - 25th July 2010 ~ Omnibus Blog

37160 with Wednesday's 17.02 King's Lynn to Great Yarmouth ready to depart 10 minutes late with an incorrect destination display. DS
The Beast at Great Yarmouth Caister Road on Wednesday morning before a 13 minute late departure as the 06.10 to Peterborough (Y7). Photo : DS

Just when you thought the blog had died, up it springs again ! Bruce Billingham and Rob Brooks kept me informed of events in my absence north of the Border.
It would seem to have been a fairly quiet period, however, 'The Beast' was deputising as follows :
Wednesday Y7, Thursday K4, Friday Y13 and Saturday K16. Gemini wise 37568 looks to have been enjoying yet another spell out of service, last seen on 20th on K14 and it was then due for a safety service.

Punctuality was poor in places, Thursday afternoon saw K15 with 37574 18 down on the 14.05 ex Peterborough with K16 behind it 16 late (37573). Later K19 passed eastbound with 37575 26 late. Friday afternoon included L12 14 late with 37566 and the Beast 20 late on Y13. K14 with 37575 was 9 late to Peterborough, but 17 late returning. K16 with 37569 was 15 late and 37157 on K18 10 late. Saturday was better for timekeeping and worst offender was 37156 seen by Rob arriving at Peterborough 8 late and still 'very noisy !'.

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