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Friday 9th July 2010 ~ Almost Over

When I took this photograph last night, I didn't know that it would be my last chance to picture this quartet together. 20109 & 20115 left today.

It was almost the end of an era at King's Lynn today. B10M coaches 20109 & 20115 departed, leaving just 20118 serviceable and with its MOT due to expire on July 18th. 20109 is already at Yarmouth for driver training and with withdrawn 20103 rumoured to now be at Norwich, it looks likely that 20115 may have returned there where it joins 20121.
What does this mean for the X1 ? Well time will tell, may be Scanias plying forth to Peterborough and back once more in times of desparation? If so their tachos will need to be re-calibrated.
Out on the road today, 20107 took L10, seen by Bruce 23 late this morning and still 20 late this evening when seen at Tilney heading to Peterborough. Its super powers were in evidence though as it has just passed here heading back to Lynn dead on time !
This afternoon 37562 was as usual on K17 and with Des in charge took the correct route out of Wisbech ! Today 37564/7 were out of service at Lowestoft.

37158 seen last night with new fleet number after accident damage repairs. It has also swapped front panels with 37159, so it is now 158 without a 'First' branding on the front. ...and here is 37159 with its replacement front panel and new advert for Milk.

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