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Wednesday 30th June 2010 ~ X2 Obama Moment

Yes sorry about the awful pun, but President 32207 made its debut on the X2 today with Michael seeing it on the 11.38 from Lowestoft.

On the X1 some services suffered delays due to Royal Norfolk Show traffic. Worst was K17 with 37562. Peter & Angela were waiting for it on the 15.05 from Peterborough rail station and were disappointed to finally leave Peterborough almost an hour late. 562 was still 55 minutes down at Walpole Highway and hardly surprisingly was slotted into K18 diagram after this, taking it empty to Yarmouth. K18 never reached Peterborough at all and 34108 was instead diverted on to the Fairstead 42s. Tonight it was in Lynn garage. Lowestoft found 37568 to work the last leg of K17 back to Lynn.

There was more fun with Y6 today, it was 37157 first thing, but somewhere along the line 37575 on Y7 overtook it and the two turns ended up reversed with 37575 going through to Lowestoft on Y6 tonight. Similarly this morning John W reports that Y9 with 37572 did not leave as the 09.45 Lynn to Peterborough and instead 572 was held over departing at 10.15 as L10 on which it replaced 37577. The latter was sent empty (to either Wisbech or Peterborough) and then ran on time as Y9.

Yesterday 20109 was out on long turn K19 and today it had a service before doing K3, this due to 37576 being on MOT prep.

King's Lynn were able to get rid of troublesome 37156 today on K14 and 37566 took over this turn after its lazy day yesterday.

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