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Monday July 19th 2010 ~ Peter's favourite 37562

Peter went on one of his jaunts today, as he put it, to visit the Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire. He started his day on Y6 which this morning was unusually 37562. The 49mph handicap had little effect though and Peter says it was the earliest he'd ever arrived at Peterborough on Y6, no doubt helped by it taking the correct route out of Wisbech. 562 stuck on Y6 all day taking it to Lowestoft this evening.
Other X1s seen on Nene Quay were 37563 on L10 and later three in a row, 37577 on K17, 37156 on K18 one minute early and 37574 on K19 6 minutes late.
37565 was delayed on K4 this morning and passed Bruce heading to Lowestoft 24 minutes late at 09.59. K5 following was 11 late with 37570. Y9 had the delights of 20107 today, but 37579 on L11 was a 'no show' going to Peterborough and was then on time coming back. It is believed that all diagrams stuck with their allocated vehicles today. 37566/7 were B9 Gemini absentees.

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