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Saturday July 3rd 2010 ~ Almost Ordinary !

Not much to report today. A low floor takeover was avoided by 20109 returning home on Y6 05.50 from Great Yarmouth, which it worked through to Peterborough before coming off the 09.35 return to Lowestoft at King's Lynn. It was subsequently sidelined with a charging fault. Its replacement was 37569. but this didn't last the day and was removed from the turn at Lynn at 20.27 being relieved by 37575 which had just come in from Lowestoft on L11. Other changes early on involved 37159 on Y7, off at Lynn at 08.37 and replaced by 37562.
Elsewhere 37157 was working the 08.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2. Maximum delay reported today was 10 minutes, though not all services were monitored.

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