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Tuesday 29th June 2010 ~ The Wind Of Change

37566 busy doing nothing in Lowestoft this afternoon. Photo DS
Two separate reports came to me today saying that all the remaining B10Ms at King's Lynn are due to be removed from duties here by the end of July. The three Hunstanton schools contracts which have been the mainstay of the work for the type, are from September, due to become double deckers with some routes being combined.
Apart from the frequent use as X1 substitutes, scarcely a day goes by without at least one B10M appearing on local services and after 16.30 quite often two are utilised in this way. This gives rise to the obvious question, what will be used in future ? The arrival of 20115 has a sting in the tail, 20121 which passed its MOT last week has departed and some are saying that it could well be destined for future use as a driver trainer. More news as we get it.

37566 continued working on the X2 today and was seen by MB on the 08.08 from Lowestoft. K3 had B7 37160 to begin with, but at some point (either at 09.32 or more likely 16.15), repaired 37156 was given a test run and took over.

Thanks to one of our regular correspondents for the news that 37563 suffered a broken top deck front window en route to Lowestoft on K1 and 37157 replaced it for the 11.55 to Peterborough. 563 was repaired at Lowestoft then made its first foray onto the Bernard Mathews contracts in the afternoon. It was then used on the 1810 and 2110 service 1 to Martham...but failed in Gorleston on the second trip with an air problem. Amazingly it was replaced with 37573 (Gt Yarmouth Engineers may have thought it was on X1s) which continued to Martham and then back to Lowestoft, before being collected by the Engineers and running back to Caister Road light. Meanwhile 37563 was towed back to Lowestoft where its bad luck continued and it sustained collision damage.
Another B9 off the road now is 37576, this one is at King's Lynn for MOT.

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