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Monday 12th June 2010 ~ A Retirement in L Plates

20109 with the tell tale L plates awaits its first driver for training at Yarmouth today.

So that's what they wanted it for ! 20121 at Great Yarmouth where it is due to be converted for driver training duties in Norwich. Photos by A Regular.

Today I was sent pictures (see above) of not only 20109 which is to become Great Yarmouth's driver trainer, but also 20121 which is being converted there also but for use at Norwich. Good of King's Lynn to make sure they were freshly MOTd before departure !
Meanwhile 20107 continues unabated as if nothing had happened and it now presents a strange sight amid the sea of Geminis. Tonight it sat on the concourse at Vancouver Avenue having completed Y9. Absentees today were 37156 and 37567 and at the Lynn end 37158 used locally on diagram 7110 with 37160 receiving a safety service.
37562 worked Y7 after being sent over to Yarmouth yesterday and this is quite a common occurrence on Sunday/Monday. It was in the process of having an advert for the film 'Eclipse' replaced by a similar one for 'Rebound' this evening.

With 37562 otherwise engaged, K17 was 37578 today, seen here on Nene Quay in Wisbech. Note the fire damaged property on the right, work of the now tamed Wisbech arsonist. I seem to recognise 578s driver from somewhere ?
Now here's a better shot of 578 showing more demolition work in progress, this time at Peterborough rail station. Photo by Des.

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Sam Wickham said...

37156 was working over here noted on the 12:40 from Norwich X2