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Tuesday 27th July 2010 ~ Think Pink

B10M coach 20127 presents a novel, if somewhat unloved appearance these days. Here she arrives at King's Lynn at 20.35 this evening before working the 20.50 service to Peterborough (L12).

A complete low floor service these days relies on 19 Geminis being available out of a pool of 22. Quite a high availability is therefore required and with King's Lynn now running short of possible replacements, anything is possible. The regular back up has been 34108 and 20107 of course, with 20126/7 and 60863 as a last resort. I think the King's Lynn Scanias need their tachos recalibrating if they are to see occasional X1 use.

Today a request seems to have been made from Lowestoft for help and Yarmouth answered with barbie pink liveried 20127 provided for L12. 20107 and 37563 or 37568 should have been available, but unless one of these worked the turn to Yarmouth, 20127 must have worked throughout. 37568 was made available (apparently off MOT) to work the second part of Y6, this having arrived at Lowestoft with 37157.

At King's Lynn this evening, Vancouver Avenue garage revealed 37158 with a broken window and 37159 with wheel scotches after being serviced, both viewed from the road. 37570 is believed to have been on the pits after working K3 but was not completely visible for confirmation.

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