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Thursday 25th June 2009 ~ Game, Set & Match

Bruce and Tina had a day out at Wimbledon today and travelled to King's Lynn on the X1. Bruce says "I was hoping for a B10M but it was 37574 on K19. I nearly fainted when Blondie asked me for £4 just to Lynn and even more so when I discovered she meant £4 each ! (You are spoilt with that bus pass Bruce). Gerard then told me that our chosen service home in the evening - Y13 - was 37573, so no luck there either".
Punctuality was pretty reasonable today, the maximum lateness noted being 10 minutes which affected lunchtime services from Wisbech to Peterborough. This afternoon the B198 Lynn Road at Wisbech reopened after repairs for subsidence and the temporary diversion for eastbound services via the A1101 finished.
King's Lynn used 20105 today on K2 and 20106 did what is fast becoming its regular turn, K3. 20115 was not seen today, but it seems likely that it did actually work the first leg of Y7 to Peterborough and back to Lowestoft where 37566 replaced it. 20118 turned up on L11 this morning replacing 37563 at King's Lynn for unknown reasons. 20123 was not out today though after it failed at Wisbech yesterday afternoon with a fuel leak whilst working K3. Unusual today was the use of Lowestoft's 37565 on a Lynn internal turn, K5. The mileage on this one is significantly lower than other B9s due to periods of inactivity and currently reads 59576. Compare this to 37566 which has been off the road for accident repairs twice and still exceeds this figure having done 63266. These are both dwarfed by 37563 which tonight had done 77289. Some B9s have already had replacement hub meters fitted, 37569 for example shows 15125 and 37570 06880.
Profile 20353 was L12 this morning but was changed at Lynn for 37577. Michael Bryant reports 20352 as being on the X2 for most of the day, he first saw it in Beccles at 07.30 and it was still out at 14.30. 20103 was also used on the X2 today. The other B7, 20351 saw more conventional use on K17.

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Sam Wickham said...

Don't think 20352 would have gone down well on the 7:30 (if it was heading to Norwich) X2 as that's the commuter turn which fills a decker!