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Friday 18th October 2013 ~ And then there were two.

The decision was made overnight to take Geminis 37572 & 37573 out of traffic today and introduce 33822 & 33823 to the route. In the event 33822 didn't last the course, doing K17-XL04 until lunchtime when 33820 off servicing took its place. 33822 was then sent to the temporary compound to join 33803 which is due to be examined by Alexander Dennis personnel on Monday. 33823 took over from 37574 on K5-XL11 for the 10.31 Lynn - Lowestoft, but 40 minutes later, 37574 was back on the road relieving 33821 which had come in on L12-XL18 from Lowestoft. The only other Gemini left on the route, 37577 was working Y11-XL17 today. 37567 left for repainting today and the final two Enviros to be delivered arrived in King's Lynn, 33817 which is registered YX63 LKF and 33824 which is YX63 LKO.
Now all the new fleet have arrived, I will shortly be listing full details of arrival dates, into service dates, rear vinyls etc etc.
37571 requires new brake discs before it moves on and 37579 needs an MOT which should be done next Thursday. 37573 was undergoing attention today with its adblue problem, but 37564 which passed its MOT yesterday is now ready to depart for repainting, along with 33423.
37574 awaits its fate at Vancouver Avenue this evening, 33811 had just arrived with the 22.49 arrival from Lowestoft.

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