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Friday 25th October 2013 ~ That Friday Feeling

Before we look at Friday, let's go back to Thursday - surely there will be nothing to report now with the new fleet up and running ? Well certainly the timetable was kept fairly to schedule today, but a very rare occurrence saw some unusual activity this evening. It would appear that due to an oversight, Enviro 33824 was not filled to its maximum fuel capacity on Wednesday evening and so it was that tonight it came to a halt between Acle and Norwich having run out of diesel. It was working the longest turn, K14-XL01 and this is the last through service to Peterborough, As a result Norwich produced good old Gemini 36180 out of a hat and this worked forward to King's Lynn where 33813 had been prepared to take over for the last leg.
Over at Lowestoft there was another new liveried arrival on Thursday, thanks to Syd Eade for the tip off.
37566 is back and being prepared to work on the X2 :

37566 was not best positioned in Gasworks Road says James, but thought you'd like to see it.                                   Photos copyright : James Race
Friday was also reminiscent of days past when heavy traffic levels coupled with temporary lights at Little Fransham and in Wisbech brought numerous changes of vehicle to keep the timetable running.
As early as 07.20, K18-XL05 had a vehicle change with 33818 which had just worked light to Wisbech and back coming off  in favour of freshly serviced 33811. Then at 09.35  33810 had to be taken off Y9-XL15 06.41 from Gorleston and 33824 which had been retrieved from Norwich (see above) was able to take the turn forward to Peterborough.
 By 11.00 the impact of the roadworks at Little Fransham was being felt and L12-XL18 ran very late with 33819 being noted departing Wisbech 32 late. Y13-XL19 the had 33818 inserted at Lynn replacing 33822 which Des brought into Lynn 32 late. This then heralded a cascading of vehicles to prevent too much time being lost.
 K15-XL02 was also heavily delayed and was 28 late from Wisbech on the 13.28 westbound with 33815, 33817 which had earlier arrived on K14-XL01 then took K15 to Lowestoft at 15.41. K16 ran with 33816 throughout. There were other changes too numerous to mention through the day and into the early evening. On the Gemini front, 37574 made its way across Norfolk to Full Circle today and this evening loan Enviro 33423 was back at Vancouver Avenue receiving attention.

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