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Wednesday October 2nd 2013 ~ Like for Like

After today, it has still not been possible to establish whether the Enviro 400s can keep to schedule on the route. This is because all but one turn had vehicle swaps, presumably for work to be carried out, but also possibly in some part  due to late running.
The changing of vehicles started early on. K1-XL07 had 33809 on the first section from Lynn to Peterborough and back, then 33806 took over for the 08.31 to Lowestoft. This was only 5 late when it came back through Wisbech to work the 15.58 to Peterborough. K2-XL08 was another early change, 33805 doing the first bit, then 33807 taking over at 09.01 to Lowestoft. This was 6 late this afternoon, so neither of these turns lost much time on the Lynn - Lowestoft - Wisbech run.
33423 worked K3-XL09 once again and K4-XL10 had 33803 all day - the only Enviro to stick to diagram, it was about 15 late through Walpole at teatime heading for Peterborough.
 Turns K5 - Y13 (XL11 - 19) inclusive were all the old order with Geminis 37572/74/73/79/69/77/67/64 & 71. Only Y9-XL15 ran out of course, 37569 being 17 late out of Wisbech on the 10.18 Peterborough, it was 11 late coming back.
The early afternoon turns ran as follows

                    To King's Lynn   From King's Lynn westbound
XL01 - K14        33811                        33809
XL02 - K15        33810                        33808
XL03 - K16        33804                        33811
XL04 - K17        33812                        33810

I can only think this was because of late running. An Enviro was seen arriving at King's Lynn South Gates from Lowestoft  at 12.47, so it is unclear whether it was K14 running 37 late, or K15 7 late.

37570 was sent down to the temporary compound for storage this evening, but 37578 has appeared back at Vancouver Avenue and is over no. 1 pit this evening. There were no new deliveries of Enviros today after all and just two more are scheduled for tomorrow. 33813 is now at Vancouver Avenue for rectification work.
Nice to see the new buses (and the blog) have merited a mention in Mike Morgan's report in the leading journal for the bus industry :

See the full version online at

You can enlarge the above by pressing CTRL and + on Windows systems. Thanks to Des Speed for his assistance with the above.

Now here's an example of how new buses can make your passengers happy ! Here is Cheryl boarding 37564 yesterday morning with a very sad look on her face - she was hoping for a new bus and even the fact that Calvin was driving couldn't persuade her to smile

Tonight though she managed a trip on 33807 (with Calvin again !!) and what a difference. here she is in First Class upstairs !

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