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Wednesday 23rd October 2013 ~ Consolidation

Well that's the excitement over for another five years ! The all new Enviro X1 service is now underway, so how have the new buses been performing on the rigorous duties ? Fairly well actually.
 On Tuesday there were no swaps of vehicle necessary. 33818 joined 33803/10 off the road for attention. The whole service seemed to run well with a few delays of just five minutes or so. The A47 has been relatively road works free and apart from temporary lights on Lynn Road in Wisbech, which have been well regulated, the service has been unhampered by the like. There are of course delays which take place on every weekday in the peak. In the mornings this can notably affect eastbound services between East Tuddenham and Honingham and further east on the Acle Straight approach to Great Yarmouth. 

On Wednesday afternoon services ran a little late. K15 - XL02 14.15 from Peterborough came into Wisbech 16 late with 33817 and K19 - XL06 11.30 ex Lowestoft went westbound 18 late with 33813. 
In order to fit in scheduled safety checks, 33808 was used on K5-XL11 and 33806 was taken off K6-XL12 09.35 from Peterborough at Lynn with 33807 (which had just had its service completed) working forward. Things were going to plan until 33805 expired on K3-XL09 08.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft in Gorleston, a recurrence of its DDA Interlock problem being the cause - see Thursday 10th's blog. 33806 was sent out fresh from servicing to take over the duty. 33810 appeared to be ready for a return to service this evening, but 33803 remains dumped at the overflow yard awaiting repair.
Gemini 37564 has now left King's Lynn for repainting at Full Circle.
Not mentioned before has been the retirement of old X1 regular Alexander Royale 34108 at the end of last week. This has meant a reprieve for 34113 seen here :
34113 photographed on Monday by Jamie Skinner.
For those of you who can obtain a copy, there is an excellent article on the X1 Enviro launch by Mel Holley in this week's Route-One magazine.
Finally welcome back to Des Speed who is now back on the road after his prolonged lay off and thanks to all our regular contributors with a special mention for Angela who is in hospital at the moment, but will hopefully be home for the weekend.

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