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Monday 14th October 2013 ~ Nearly There

Friday's delivery of 33822 -YX63 LKM and 33823 - YX63 LKN passed me by - the new vehicles were despatched to the temporary compound without me realising ! They were sent to Vancouver Avenue today for final checks to be made. This just leaves 33824 and the errant 33817 to complete the order. Out on the road for the first time today were 33819 on K3-XL09, 33820 on K17-XL04 and 33821 on K15-XL02.
Roy Northcott kindly sent me this picture of 33820 working for the first time today. Here it is on K17-XL04 10.30 Lowestoft - Peterborough. 

Roy's East Norfolk Bus Blog covers all the comings and goings in the Yarmouth and Lowestoft areas and can be found here :
Some of the new buses are being a little temperamental though. 33803 was in trouble just after leaving Lowestoft this afternoon, but under instruction from King's Lynn depot, the driver was able to continue and on arrival at Lynn, a newly repaired 33805 was able to relieve it on K6-XL12. Later 33808 suffered a broken mirror working L10-XL16 and 33810 off Y9-XL15 had to take over. 33813 has a problem with its lights so was not out today. 33814 which was removed from its turn at Yarmouth yesterday was pronounced fit to work this morning's Y7-XL13, but it came off at Lynn anyway as it was due a safety service.
The four remaining Geminis (37572/3/4/7) were all in action again today.
Some of you have again asked about the diagram numbers I use here in the blog, so here is the current M-F timetable with codes - click it to enlarge. Please note this does not include the X1 shorts.

Jamie Skinner says "It was not a good start to the week for me, the 07.00 Lowestoft - Norwich 'short' failed to appear, though not sure why and the following two Peterborough services were wedged with the maximum number of people standing all the way to Norwich. The first of these was delayed due to windscreen wiper issues". I suppose it shows that the services are still popular, even if today didn't live up to expectations.
The former X1 B7 Geminis are now active up in their new home in the Potteries, having spent a short time at Norwich.

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