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Thursday 10th October 2013 ~ Teething Problems

33813 departing from Lowestoft bus station on XL03-K16 10.00 to Peterborough on Wednesday . Photo copyright : Grahame Bessey.
Whilst there is no doubt that the punctuality issues of the first few days have ironed themselves out, the Enviro 400s are still having a few teething problems as one would probably expect.
Looking at Wednesday to begin, we actually find the only problem of the day was caused by the loan Enviro 33423. It suffered a fault at Thorney on K3-XL09 (its usual turn) and Gemini 37577 had to be sent out from King's Lynn as a replacement. Other happenings included the despatch of B7 Gemini 37157 to Norwich to join its sisters and the arrival of new Enviro 33819.
33423 was hastily made right again and was available to work the 10.10 Lynn - Peterborough replacing 33814. Later 33808 took over this turn. 33803 was being worked on over the pits at Vancouver Avenue.
Not sure if anyone would be silly enough to try and board a reversing bus, especially with the doors closed, but there you are ! Health and Safety info displayed on 33805 at Lowestoft on Wednesday. Photo copyright : Grahame Bessey.

Thursday saw another failure when 33805 expired on the approaches to Wisbech at around 08.15. It was seen by Samantha awaiting assistance working K2-XL08 07.30 Peterborough - Lowestoft and for the second day running Thunderbird 37577 was called upon to take over from an Enviro.
33810 is now just short of passing the 4,000 miles mark and this morning was removed fom Y7-XL13 for a scheduled safety service. It was replaced by (what can so far be described as the 'black sheep' of the new fleet) 33803 and this seemed to behave itself taking the 11.31 King's Lynn - Lowestoft and 16.30 return.
Bruce espied 33820/21 at Vancouver Avenue at lunchtime having just arrived from Scarborough.
Ryan informs me that former X1 stalwart 37576 is due at Yarmouth any time now in its revised livery, it is currently at Volvo for attention.
Not all buses were viewed today, but only one service seemed to be delayed and that was L10 06.50 Lowestoft - Peterborough with 33814 which was 20 late departing Wisbech westbound at 11.08.

37574 on the 11.00 Lowestoft - Peterborough on Wednesday. Never thought I would say (or write) this, but I will really miss these Volvos which will probably be looked at in years to come with admiration for the sheer amount of miles they have covered in such a short space of time. Photo copyright : Grahame Bessey.

Since Tuesday just five Geminis have been on the X1, 37566/571/2/3/4 have all been out daily. At least 33804/6/11 appeared in traffic today with new nearside ads for Subway breakfasts.
Now my good friend Peter Barclay up in Sunderland recently posted an interesting photo, probably answering the question, what would a single deck bus look like in the new X1 colours ? :
Photo copyright : Peter Barclay.

Well there's your answer I would say. I know from other comments made that a similar livery is in use elsewhere in England, but this is the X38 from Edinburgh to Falkirk and Stirling.
It is only a matter of time of course before the new buses acquire a nickname or two. When problems occur, these are probably unrepeatable, but some I've heard are "those buses which look like chocolate eclairs" , "Cadbury buses" and continuing the sweet theme, the advertising on the back has been described as in the same font as Walnut Whips and Blue Riband wafers ! Ryan calls them "those galactic spaceship buses".
Jamie Skinner has spotted a few minor issues with the upstairs scrolling stops info. "Today we were well on the way to Yarmouth on the Acle Straight and the message still read 'Next Stop Acle, The Street'" he says, continuing "The 12.00 Yarmouth - Norwich was still Olympian operated today". Roger Gooch comments "
As a regular user of the X1 route I feel that the new Enviro 400 buses do not have such a comfortable ride as the buses that they have replaced and I agree with the person who commented about the destination signage along the bottom of the upper deck windows which ruins the view, but  in all other respects a great improvement". 
Well I don't suppose you can please everyone, but the new fleet are certainly turning more than a few heads in Wisbech I can report.
Final word tonight has to go to Mrs Meldrew who has been in touch regarding the banning of the blogspot name on the wi-fi because it includes the term 'g spot' (see Tuesday's blog)  , she says ""If the fitters at Kings Lynn are all men, there's no point asking them where it is.... they won't be able to find it" and Victor adds "I don't know what she means" .  Honestly, what a pair they are !

33818 features rear advertising for the free Wi-Fi as shown here when seen in Great Yarmouth on Wednesday. Photo copyright : Joe L Watson.

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