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Monday 30th September 2013 ~ The Big Day

A day like this one only happens every five years or so, so I hope you'll excuse the enthusiasm here ! Shortly after 05.00 this morning the first two new Enviro 400s to work in passenger service departed from Vancouver Avenue garage to King's Lynn bus station, one bound for Lowestoft (33805) and the other for Peterborough (33809). These were followed by a further seven Enviros with Geminis 37563/574/579 making up the numbers.
With the start of a new timetable and all the interest amongst passengers and staff with the new liveried buses, it is hardly surprising that timekeeping was very hit and miss. Early on though punctuality was pretty good. The initial Enviro to Peterborough returned eastbound through Wisbech 15 late and subsequent services were 33806 (K2-XL08) 2 late, 33811 (K3-XL09) 3 late, 33803 (K4-XL10) 1 early and 33810 (K5-XL11) 2 early. 37563 on the Swaffham - Peterborough ran 7 late, but came back a minute early so clearly no problems with the new timetable at the western end. There was a problem this morning with 37564 which shut down near Blofield on Y9-XL15. Fitters attended and the bus was able to continue. 37577 on L10-XL16 left Wisbech 13 late for Peterborough and was 8 late returning, while 37572 on Y13-XL19 left promptly at 12.18 westbound as scheduled. After this, there is now a 40 minute gap in the service and Bruce and myself patiently waited for K14-XL01, the first returning service from Lowestoft. 33805 eventually appeared 26 late at 13.08 and then proceeded to lose more time as it picked up a double load of passengers. Tracking the service, it was 32 late from Wisbech and returned into the town 46 late at 15.15. The final sighting of it was coming in from Peterborough at the South Gates at 15.48, about 49 late. This bus is now booked to work the last through service from Yarmouth - Peterborough in the evening, but instead a Gemini was substituted at Lynn (37569). Not surprisingly, K15-XL02 was very close behind with 33808 and this bus ran light from Peterborough - King's Lynn to try and make up some time. There was a problem with 33803 working K4-XL10 just after departure on the 16.45 to Peterborough and 33805 which found itself spare after coming off K14-XL01 was sent out to Nar Ouse Way to replace it. The problem with 33803 was a minor one, although there were some defects which became apparent with a few of the Enviros as the day wore on. Air conditioning fluid leaks in the drivers cabs were a particular concern. K2-XL08 had 33806 replaced by 37571 about 18.30, but a few more B9 Geminis were taken off the road today, 37565/578 being two and 37575 went to Full Circle for repainting, It has now been decided that as the B9s become available they will be sent to Yarmouth/Lowestoft in the current Excel livery and then will be repainted as time permits. Of the Enviros not used today, 33812 needs its ticket machine wiring installing and 33813 has a few defects (unlucky 13 and all that) and may not be on the road for a while yet. It is thought that a further 4 or may be 5 Enviros will arrive this week, with the balance next week.
So of course you have all been out with your cameras ! I have been sent a huge number of shots and please don't be disappointed if I have not used all that have been sent. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Let's see how the day went.....

33804 wowing the punters here in Gorleston while working the 07.10 Wisbech - Lowestoft (K19-XL06). Photo copyright Syd Eade.

33804 earlier in its journey pulling out of Norwich with Mr Saban at the controls. Photo copyright : Joe Watson
33805 departing Lowestoft at 09.08 as the 09.00 to Peterborough. Photo copyright : Syd Eade
33805 in Norwich heading for Peterborough. Photo copyright Joe Watson.

A fine picture of 33806 at Hopton this afternoon. Photo copyright : Zak Nelson / Norwich Bus Page
Another sunny shot from Syd, this time of 33806  heading for Peterborough on K2-XL08 12.30 Lowestoft - Peterborough at Norwich Bus Station. Photo copyright : Syd Eade

33807 running 15 late but looking splendid as she gets away from Wisbech as the 10.30 Lowestoft - Peterborough today.
33806 in Dereham today heading westbound. Photo copyright : Syd Eade
On board information screen on board 33808 before departure from Lowestoft on K15-XL02. Photo copyright : Syd Eade
33808 on its wat to Peterborough photographed at Great Yarmouth by Syd Eade.
33808 departing Peterborough this afternoon. Photo copyright David Bell c/o Andy's Bus Blog.

It's that man Calvin again, this time with brand new 33810 on the 09.05 ex Peterborough at King's Lynn. Photo copyright  : David Bell c/o  Andy's Bus Blog
33811 leaving Norwich for Peterborough on K3-XL09 13.00 Lowestoft - Peterborough. Photo copyright : Syd Eade

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