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Tuesday 1st October 2013 ~ An Evolving Story

There were no new deliveries of Enviro 400s yesterday and today, but a couple are expected tomorrow I am told. Meantime Richard and his team at King's Lynn continued remedial work on some of the new arrivals today.
There were 8 Enviros out on the road today : 33804/5/7/8/9/10/11/12. Of these 33812 was having its first day on the road and Syd Eade was out with his camera again to capture it in service.
33812 arrives at Lowestoft for the first time on K5-XL11 09.05 from Peterborough. Photo copyright : Syd Eade

Two more views from Syd of 33812 on arrival at Gorleston James Paget Hospital. Syd says "Couldn't resist a ride on its first day out".

The only slightly worrying aspect of the new fleet is its ability to keep time. Yesterday only one (33809) managed to regain any lost time and today only 33808 was running to timetable after a round trip from Peterborough - Lowestoft. This is more than likely due to vehicle familiarisation, enquiries from passengers and the like. A similar thing happened when the Geminis arrived.
It is not known what time K14-XL01 arrived back in King's Lynn at lunchtime after yesterday's debacle, but 33807 was replaced by 37566. The latter was running spot on time as were ten out of eleven B9s seen today.
One surprise was the appearance of 33423 back on K3-XL09 today, called upon once again until more Enviros become available.

Reports and indeed pictures have been coming in of the current fate of the ex X1 B7 Geminis :

37160 at Roundtree Way depot in Norwich yesterday photographed by Sam Larke

37156 was soon at work on the 25 where loadings have been very heavy of late. Picture copyright : Syd Eade

37158 also getting used to its new environs in Norwich yesterday. Thanks again to Syd for the picture.

A last picture for today now, First's Wayne Sheppard kindly sent this picture of the first run out yesterday morning at around 5am. Taken on his mobile, Wayne says "Sorry about the quality". Looks OK to me Wayne, I was in slumberland at the time !

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