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Friday October 4th 2013 ~ Whatever happened to .......?

Whatever happened to Enviro 33817 ? The reason I ask is that today's two newly delivered examples  for the X1 were 33816 reg YX63 LKE and 33818 YX63 LKG. It doesn't take a genius to work out the reg of the missing bus does it ? Then again could be wrong, after all I tipped 33817 to arrive !
Today eleven Enviros were in service with just one casualty, 33803 threw a wobbly at Dereham at 15.40 while working K4-XL10 13.30 Lowestoft - Peterborough. A serious air con fluid leak meaning an engineer had to attend to coax the bus back to Lynn. A Gemini replaced it. The star of the new girls at the moment is 33810 which has now run 2100 miles. Earlier loan Enviro 33423 was again in action and worked K2-XL08 Lynn - Peterborough - Lowestoft - Peterborough and back to Lynn where a Gemini (37579 I think) took the service forward to the coast at 18.46. K14-XL01 & K15-XL02 managed to swap vehicles at some stage today, 33805 became K15 and 33812 K14.
Today's Gemini news was that of the departure of 37578 to Full Circle for repainting. 37568/75/76/78 are now present there with 568 due for release imminently.
Whilst on the subject of the B9s, 37575 has the distinction of accumulating the most miles on the X1 during its tenure on the route. Its final tally was 583,512 miles. Now some fun number crunching came up with an absolutely staggering fact. 37575 was in service for 1780 days and if you divide this by the mileage, you find that 575 on average travelled 327 miles every single day for almost five years !!! Quite amazing I'm sure you will agree and a fine advert for the B9 Geminis.
37572 which was 575's nearest rival on the Gemini front is still working on the route, so might possibly overtake this figure.

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