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Friday 29th August 2008 ~ Here Come The Double Deckers ...

Two Olympians on the X1 ? Well no actually, but one might have thought so. Firstly King's Lynn's J155YRM (30235) did a trip to Peterborough and back to Lynn but it was not in service, merely a test run for clearance purposes for when the new deckers arrive. I passed it at Walpole Highway at 13.50 heading back to Lynn. The people waiting for Y14 12.48 ex Peterborough were a bit confused by it passing by and would have done well to flag it down as there own bus, 20109 was running to FST (Friday Standard Time) and was 28 late. Speaking of Standards and Fridays there were more blog excerpts in the Wisbech Standard newspaper today.
The other Olympian concerned was 34951 (see picture above) which seemed to want to escape onto an X1 judging by its destination screen this evening. It was quite an eventful day due to late running and non-available buses. First thing this morning 20120 was sent out on K19 06.37 Lynn - Norwich, it looks like it then took over L13 07.45 ex Lowestoft, a quite regular occurrence until recently - but it didn't get very far and was in Vancouver Avenue this evening minus front panel - crankshaft and oil being amongst its problems. L13 then had 65526 (seen by Bruce) and this returned on 12.18 ex Peterborough as far as Lynn. 20118 which had come in from Lowestoft on K18 then relieved it and headed back east, leaving 65529 to take K18 to Peterborough ! Jamie R was at Peterborough when it arrived and it went to the rail station as booked, however, it then went directly back east without visiting the bus station and passengers had to wait for the next service at 15.28 with 20508. A passenger had been ill on this coach, so at Lynn it was replaced by 20127 which had done the morning part of K20, meanwhile 65529 went through to Gorleston on K18 and consequently spent the night at Yarmouth.

A Lynn man is due to fetch ex First Devon & Cornwall coach 20353 from Norwich tomorrow.

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